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What are the advantages of silicone rollers?

Silicone rollers have the characteristics of high resilience, high temperature resistance and wear resistance. They are made of liquid silicon material; low hardness, good flexibility, non-toxic, rust-proof, small compression deformation, long service life; good wear resistance, not easy to age, anti-static, moisture-proof; used for processing thermal adhesive products, such as Polyethylene calendering, embossing, printing and dyeing, film and fabric coating, adhesives, plastic lamination, corona treatment and other machinery. Silicone rubber refers to a rubber whose main chain consists of alternating silicon atoms and oxygen atoms. The silicon atoms are usually connected to two organic groups. Ordinary silicone rubber is mainly composed of a methyl-containing silicone ring and a small amount of vinyl. The introduction of phenyl groups can improve the high and low temperature resistance of silicone rubber, while the introduction of trifluoropropyl and cyano groups can improve the temperature and oil resistance of silicone rubber. Silicone rubber has good low temperature resistance and can still work at -55. After the introduction of phenyl, the temperature can reach -73. The heat resistance of silicone rubber is also outstanding. It can work for a long time under 180, and can withstand several weeks or more at a temperature slightly higher than 200. It is still elastic and can withstand temperatures above 300 in an instant. It has good air permeability and high oxygen permeability in the silicone rubber synthetic polymer. In addition, silicone rubber has excellent physiological inertness and non-coagulation properties, so it has been widely used in the medical field.

Shaped Silicone Wheel
Silicone roller is a kind of plastic mold, so the requirements are very high. Therefore, there are different ways to do this. Rough textures must be polished with oilstone, so that the polished mold will not produce rough textures, resulting in defects on the mold surface. Secondly, use fine sandpaper to polish and polish the fine texture of the surface of the rubber roller. Only when the mold does not produce fine texture after polishing, the rubber roller polishing paste and diamond grinding and polishing will be used for fine polishing, and the rubber roller after polishing will be very delicate. When replacing or tightening the rubber roller, pay attention to locking and fixing it until the rubber roller is heated to the required temperature, but the force should be moderate and not too strong or too tight.

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