High tearing-resistance vacuum bags for laminated glass to make the glass stronger

In the public’s perception, the existence of glass is transparent, but there is also a certain degree of danger. However, the danger of modern glass is taken into account during the production process, so the use of advanced manufacturing technology has greatly reduced the use of glass. In particular, a film with specific adhesive properties is used in laminated glass. If the glass is broken when an external force strikes, it will stick to the film, and it will not be scattered and cause damage to people. The main function of the high tear resistance vacuum bag for laminated glass is to bond the glass and the intermediate film together through vacuum technology.

In the production process of laminated glass, some EVA film is put on two flat glasses, and then the glass is wrapped in a vacuum bag. Then, under the condition of vacuuming, the two flat glasses are tightly adhered to each other. It can be seen from the outside that they are two pieces of glass, but they are completely attached to each other. Unless the glass is smashed, it is impossible to separate the two pieces of glass from the middle.

china Silicone Green Vacuum Bag for Glass Laminating Furnace factory
The main function of using a vacuum bag is to provide a space for the laminated glass to stick together, because if two flat glasses are to be glued together, they must be processed by high-temperature pre-pressing or vacuuming. The vacuum bag is completely adhered to the surface of the two flat glasses after being vacuumed, and the airtightness is good, and there is no substance at all. The high tear resistance is to ensure that it can reduce accidental injuries during the production process. Or laminated glass can easily cope with the pressure brought by the outside world during use, and play a certain protective role.

The current glass production is becoming stronger and stronger, which has far exceeded our basic knowledge of glass. The application fields and production of tempered glass and laminated glass are also constantly developing. Therefore, the high tear resistance vacuum bag for laminated glass is the embodiment of a new type of technology, and it is also the only way to improve the quality of glass.

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High tearing-resistance vacuum bags for laminated glass to make the glass stronger Company Factory
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