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China white Silicone plate product

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A white gilding press silicon sheet is a specialized product used in the hot foil stamping process, similar to a regular gilding press silicon sheet. However, it is distinguished by its white color, which makes it ideal for stamping on dark or colored surfaces. The white color of the sheet helps to …


White silicone sheet refers to a white silicone sheet with flexibility, heat resistance, durability and non-stick properties. The product is often used in places where white silicone sheets are required. For example, in medical and healthcare fields; in some crafts and DIY projects, white silicone sheets can be used as non-stick work surfaces, mold making materials, or used to make various crafts; they are relatively visually beautiful.



Guangzhou Ailin Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. (belonging to the Guangzhou subsidiary of “Haimen Meiya Rubber and Plastic Products Co., Ltd.”) China’s exclusive Hexpol brand silica gel sheet, used in furniture manufacturing enterprises, especially kitchen furniture, Cabinet doors, drawer panels, work panels, plastic sheets for blisters. Hexpol is recognized as the best quality silicone sheet manufacturer for plastic blisters. Because of its low price, high and low temperature performance, mechanical performance, and environmental protection performance, it is superior to other similar products and is popular among customers in China. welcome.


Basic Information
Requirements for bronzing silicone plate: High temperature resistance 300-400°C, hardness requirements can be determined according to the requirements of customers’ printing patterns. Generally, the hardness is 30A°, 40A°, 50A°, 60A°, 70A°, 80A°, 90A°, etc.


Hot stamping silicone plate is a matching product for hot stamping equipment. It uses a silicone plate as a heat carrier to transfer exquisite patterns to the product. The colors are red, orange, white and black. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance 300-400 ℃, high pressure resistance, high thermal conductivity, good elasticity and high temperature resistance.


There are two types of bronzing boards: one is made of silicone and aluminum boards pasted together; the other is without aluminum boards, and only silicon is used to produce sheets.


It is mainly used in hot stamping fields such as wine bottle caps, plastic discs, plastic cups, cosmetic boxes and other plastic parts and hardware parts. The hot stamping silicone plate plays the role of heat transfer, and the hot stamping paper is printed on the object to be hot stamped through the heat transfer of this product.


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