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Easy bonding process of aluminium bonded silicone rubber roller under high temperature technology

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For some professional terms, many people feel that they can’t understand when they see them, because words that are common words in this field are equivalent to heavenly books in front of laymen. In fact, after understanding the source and function of their specific names I have a clear understanding of this thing. For example, what is the aluminum bonded silicone rubber roller, and what are its specific uses?

We can understand this word separately. First, the first three words are aluminum bonding. It is easy to know that this is a noun used when bonding two aluminum products together. The silicone rubber roller is a tool. The rubber roller is the name of the tool. The surface layer of the rubber roller is silica gel. This surface layer can be proportioned according to different uses to achieve a certain degree of adhesion.

guangzhou Hot stamping board high temperature sticker

To understand in a simpler sense is to use a silicone rubber roller to bond two aluminum products, then you need to formulate different rubber rollers according to the material of aluminum. After the different proportions of the mixture are processed, the rubber rollers that meet the requirements are produced. The main function of this rubber roller is to bond aluminum products.
The characteristics of silicone rubber rollers are high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, and no adhesion to plastics, not only can conduct heat, but also have high speed, high wear resistance, and acid and alkali resistance. In fact, it means that when bonding aluminum products, the use of silicone rubber rollers can have a long service life, and in the process of use, it will resist the attack of acid and alkali according to its own characteristics, and can quickly realize heat conduction. Function, complete the purpose of bonding in a specific time.

For chemical products, the different ratios of raw materials will result in different functionalities. In the professional production process, the versatility of the products can be achieved through scientific ratios. Aluminum-bonded silicone rubber rollers are a successful example.

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