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Introducing High tearing-resistance vacuum bags for laminated glass

Silicone bags are also known as vacuum bags. Made of silicone rubber material, it is very important glass lamination that helps to draw out the air between the glass and the EVA film. It has high heat and tear resistance. Each bag includes silicone sheets, buttons and nozzles, and tubes.

High tear resistance, high temperature resistance.
High elasticity, resistance to inertness, avoiding mucus, oil and aging, its soft material is best for hard glass, ensuring that the glass will not bend and break at high temperatures.
Connect the vacuum pump to draw out the air and maintain the air pressure in the lamination.

One or more layers of polymer plastic thin interlayer film is sandwiched between two or more layers of ordinary flat glass, and the composite glass formed by cleaning, cutting, vacuuming, and autoclave heating and pressure gluing is called gluing. Glass, also known as laminated glass. Laminated glass is due to the firm toughness of the interlayer film between the glass and the glass.


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The operation steps of producing laminated glass by vacuum bag method are as follows:
(1) Place a piece of flat glass on the horizontal mold;
(2) Spread several layers of EVA film on the flat glass:
(3) Place another flat glass:
(4) Cover the end face with a release film, fix the position with pressure-sensitive tape, and lay air felt at the edges and corners of the flat glass to prevent it.
The empty bag is punctured;
(5) Cover the flat glass with a vacuum bag, and seal the vacuum bag with a sealing tape:
(6) Install a vacuum valve and use a quick connector to connect the vacuum tube

(7) Evacuate;
(8) Heat to 160-170 C in an oven, keep warm:
(9) Cool down to room temperature, and remove the laminated glass from the oven:



Using the vacuum bag method to manufacture laminated glass can significantly reduce the content of bubbles or defects in the product; improve the transparency of the laminated glass; and the product quality is stable and the yield is high. The operating principle of the vacuum bag method to manufacture laminated glass is as follows: the flat glass and the film are sealed with a vacuum bag, vacuumed, and then heated, the film is slowly melted, and the gas wrapped between the flat glass enters the air felt through the perforated release film , and finally removed by the vacuum valve, so that the flat glass is tightly adhered together. Vacuum sealing of laminated glass.
Silicone bag top blankets are more flexible. When the vacuum pump is turned on, the air between the top and bottom silicon wafers begins to escape.
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