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Come with us to understand the thermal transfer silicone wheel

Thermal transfer silicone wheel can be used to transfer hot stamping paper, brushed film, thermal transfer film in large area, and transfer hot stamping paper to plastic or film. Thermal transfer silicone wheels are used for hot stamping of various plastics, metals, book edges, etc. Or use transfer various designs and logos.

According to different silicone formulations, the material can withstand high temperature (300°C-400°C), has a long service life (normal use up to 100,000 times), and can produce different hardnesses of 25-90 degrees according to customer requirements. Can be made entirely of silicone or encapsulated on a metal shaft. The colors are generally orange-red and white, but other colors can also be mixed.

Thermal transfer silicone wheel, good elasticity, high tear resistance, high temperature resistance, easy grinding, long service life, no deformation. It can be used for large area flat hot stamping or circular hot stamping.

Application areas: plastic transfer, wood products, daily necessities, photo frames, wood lines, PS lines, electrical panels, paper products, etc., thermal transfer hot stamping patterns, edge banding, etc. Due to its high temperature resistance, it can also be used in other industries Special for high temperature resistance.

Silicone rubber material is a synthetic rubber with a variety of uses. It was originally developed by the Dow Chemical Company in 1946. Composed of silicon and oxygen, the material is inert, meaning it won't react with other substances. This makes it ideal for use in a variety of industries, including medical, automotive and aerospace. Silicone rubber is used in a wide range of applications, including: iphone 4s and mobile phone cases, car dashboards, camping equipment, computer mice and keyboards, sports equipment, medical equipment and appliances, and more. Silicone rubber is also used in a variety of products in industrial applications, including hoses, conveyor belts, and valves. Silicone rubber has a wide range of uses and properties. It can be molded into different shapes and has good wear resistance.




Using the silicone plate as the heat carrier, the exquisite pattern is transferred to the product. Colors are red, yellow, green and white.
Silicone board requirements: high temperature resistance 350~400℃, hardness requirements can be determined according to the customer's printed design pattern.

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