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High temperature resistant silicone vacuum bag product

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The special silicone plate for the glass industry is a key component that our company specially supplies to the glass vacuum lamination furnace according to the market demand. The glass vacuum lamination furnace adopts the vacuum principle to heat the glass under vacuum conditions, and uses atmosphe…



A high temperature silicone vacuum bag is a specialized bag made of silicone material that is designed to withstand high temperatures during vacuuming or curing processes. These bags are commonly used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and composite manufacturing where high temperatures are required for curing or molding materials.



Silicone vacuum bags are made of high quality silicone material that can withstand repeated use and remain intact under extreme heat; are highly flexible, easy to mold and conform to the shape of the object being vacuumed or cured; have strong sealing capabilities to ensure that air does not leak out of the bag during vacuuming or curing; with good mold release properties, cured or vacuumed parts can be easily removed without sticking.


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