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Introduce the application of rubber silicone sheet

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Rubber Silicone Sheet It is an industrial rubber sheet with silicone as the main raw material. Gaskets, gaskets and seals are mainly used in the food industry, machinery industry, electronic appliances, automobile industry, chemical light industry, metal, paint and other fields.

Mainly used in food industry, machinery industry and other requirements, high temperature resistance, shock resistance, various high pressure resistance,

High temperature resistant wire. Resistant to low temperature and high temperature (-60℃~250℃). Non-toxic, ozone resistance, light resistance, aging resistance and high insulation.

What are the general benefits of rubber silicone sheets?

As a widely used tool, rubber silicone sheets have many compelling general advantages. Silicone sheets are suitable for a wide range of part shapes - including flat, cylindrical, slightly conical and simple compound curves. Sheets are often machined into smaller parts without the need for custom tooling. Third-Silicone Sheets are great for testing silicone thickness and hardness in prototypes before committing to custom tooling or other ready-to-use custom parts. Finally, the silicone rubber sheet provides a perfect non-destructive surface for applications such as end-of-arm tools.


china Solar Laminator Silicone Sheet factory

china Solar Laminator Silicone Sheet factory

How are rubber silicone sheets used for product or part decoration?

Rubber silicone sheets are widely used for hot stamping and heat transfer decoration of flat, contoured or raised surfaces.

In hot stamping decoration, sheets are used for full coverage and gluing. Tipping refers to service with improved decor. An example of a tip is the raised lettering on a credit card using silver foil.

Thermal Transfer Decorative - Allows access to standard silicone sheets to apply the full image on the thermal transfer label to the part. Using standard plates eliminates the need to create custom molds.

Silicone sheets can also be used to prepare or support surfaces when using metal stamping dies. These are usually graphic applications that require an embossed look on flexible metals. The silicone base compensates for the rigid metal mold for each print.

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