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Customized silicone rubber rollers, high-quality products exclusive to customers

Aluminum core silicone wheel factory

In industrial production, in order to be able to create more suitable products for customers and enhance their competitiveness in the market, they will customize the product requirements proposed by customers. In this way, the products produced have certain characteristics and are in The process of use can be distinguished according to this characteristic. For example, custom-made silicone rubber rollers, the finished product has a certain pertinence in the process of use, if it is used in a replacement product, such rollers may have inconsistent characteristics.



The silicone rubber roller is a cylinder with a metal material as the center and a silicone rubber product as the surface. It can drive the belt to be transported during the rotation process, or during the process of self-rotation, through the thermal transfer technology The pattern is transferred to the surface of the product, and at the same time it merges with the surface of the product under the effect of high temperature.

Aluminum core silicone wheel
The customized version of the product is based on the customer's product needs, has a fixed product length, and the use characteristics of silicone rubber, especially its heat resistance and certain adhesion, which are different after chemical blending. characteristic. If it is a customized product, then it has a dedicated purpose. The length, thickness, and the length of the handle used or the ratio of viscous materials will be different. For example, a special aluminum adhesive roller, if used on plastic products, then other The effect is not necessarily good. The dedicated length is 2 meters, but it will be wasted when used for 1 meter thermal transfer and increase the cost. Therefore, customized products are exclusive products tailor-made for customers.

Customized silicone rubber rollers will be continuously proportioned according to customer requirements during the production process, and high-precision grasping, whether it is for thermal transfer or bonding, it can fit the customer's products , So as to be able to provide customers with a satisfactory product experience.

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