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How to wrap rubber on the rubber roller

Bronzing silicone raw materials suppliers

Rubber rollers are used for fabric heat setting, plastic heat setting, embossing and calendering, and fixing of copiers.
The forming rubber roller is wrapped and formed by a film. Due to its low strength, it must be handled carefully. The heat resistance is as high as 200-250 degrees, and the chemical resistance is good. The main disadvantage is low tensile strength.
Silicone rubber roller is a widely used type of rubber roller. It uses rubber or silicon rubber as the rubber material, which has the advantages of abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and aging resistance. When preparing the silicone roller, you should choose the appropriate raw rubber according to the requirements of the use conditions. The physical properties of the outer rubber of the prepared rubber roller can be further adjusted by various reinforcing agents and plasticizers. However, as a consumable, it needs to constantly innovate from scratch. How do rubber roller manufacturers pack rubber? Let us share some common sense.

Bronzing silicone raw materials suppliers
When the rubber roller manufacturer receives the old rubber roller from the user logistics, first use the rubber roller grinding equipment to quickly grind the old rubber roller to remove the old rubber, and then use the special abrasive belt to grind the roller core to make it fresh and clean, which is beneficial to the later stage. Bonding of encapsulation, coating and roll core. Roll core coating processing. Through the rubber roller winding equipment, the rubber material is wound and coated on the surface of the roller core at a speed, medium temperature, and constant dose until the rubber layer of the entire rubber roller is uniform. After winding the coating, check carefully to ensure that there are no pores, defects, etc. Vulcanization "steaming". The rubber-covered rubber roller and the intact rubber enter the vulcanization equipment for "steaming" operation, so that the rubber roller has the characteristics of high elasticity, heat resistance, and tensile strength. Finish the appearance polishing. The outer surface of the above-mentioned forming rubber roller is subjected to fine grinding operation, so that the outer dimension and surface finish of the rubber roller meet the user's parameter requirements. This link is an important stage for whether the products produced by the rubber roller manufacturer can pass the actual acceptance by the user.

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The processing cycle of rubber roller coating is about 7-10 days, excluding logistics time. The rubber roller operator should calculate the time without affecting the replacement and maintenance. Before the rubber roller is officially coated, the rubber roller manufacturer should clarify the specific process parameters such as the rubber roller length, thickness of the rubber layer, and rubber material type.

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