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Iron core silicone wheel factory

There are many rubber rollers on the market, among which silicone rubber rollers can be divided into solid and liquid. Due to their high-temperature resistance and ozone resistance, rubber rollers are used by all walks of life. Let's take a closer look.

The silicone rubber roller is a special rubber roller made of alloy or high-hardness material as the central axis, silicone rubber as the surface of the rubber roller, adding a fixed proportion of additives, and mixing at high temperature.


Iron core silicone wheel factory

Iron core silicone wheel


Silicone rubber roller product characteristics

1. Additive liquid silicone material with high resilience, high-temperature resistance and wear resistance;

2. Low hardness, good flexibility, non-toxic, no rust, no pollution.

3. The compression set is small and the service life is long;

5. Good wear resistance, not easy to age, anti-static, moisture-proof, and moisture-proof;
Since the silicone roller is easy to wear, we still need to pay attention to some regulations and matters in daily use, so that the performance of the silicone roller can be more stable.

Before starting the operation, check whether the silicone roller is abnormal, and then start the work after confirming that it can operate normally. When shutting down, pay attention to check whether the delay of the residual temperature setting of the silicone roller is normal, and remember not to shut down the machine directly. Generally speaking, it is appropriate to set the residual temperature delay of the silicone roller at about 40 to 50 minutes.

Please pay attention when replacing or tightening the silicone roller. The silicone roller can only be locked and fixed when heated to the required temperature, but the strength should be moderate, and the strength should not be too strong or too tight.

When the silicone roller is working, if there is a sudden power failure, while wearing gloves, disassemble the silicone roller while rotating and place it in a cool and ventilated place to dissipate heat to avoid partial or overall burning of the silicone roller due to uneven heating.

Because silicone rollers have many good characteristics and are used in many industries, only by knowing which areas they are good at can we better choose the right silicone rollers.
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