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What is a Hot stamping board high temperature sticker
Hot stamping is a versatile, precise and efficient method of printing on surfaces, often used to personalize or decorate products. Sometimes called hot stamping or hot stamping, hot stamping creates a decorative metallic finish to labels that can make your product stand out from the competition. Foil-stamped labels are ideal for luxury goods and are often used for labels such as: Specialty Foods. Health and beauty products.
There are many ways to imprint retail packaging items. Depending on the product and manufacturing, these can include hot stamping, ink printing, digital printing, embossing and screen printing. Here we will discuss hot stamping. Hot Stamping (aka Hot Stamping) is commonly used to stamp paper, frosted plastic bags, boxes, labels, hang tags, business cards, etc. This is a process of printing your artwork by fusing foil onto the item. If you want a metallic imprint, hot stamping is the preferred method, but not all hot stamping foils are metallic, matte is also available. Foil stamping is also ideal if the bag, box or other item is darker than the print. For example, hot stamping works best on black bags with white imprints. Whereas, white bags with black imprints can be done using hot stamping or cheaper ink printing methods.


guangzhou Hot stamping board high temperature sticker


What material can be bronzing?
What material does bronzing need? In hot foil stamping, also known as foil printing, pigment rolls or metal foils are used. It's available in matte and glossy finishes, and in a variety of colors—usually gold, silver, copper, and holographic metallic.
Silicone rubber rollers and offset plates are important accessories for thermal transfer machines, and their quality directly affects the beauty and cost of hot stamping products. Welcome to contact us to teach you how to choose a good Hot stamping board high temperature sticker to increase the beauty of your products.

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