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Our range of solid rubber silicone sheets is the perfect product for applications that require good sealing capabilities in both high and low temperatures. We can offer this particular product in a wide range of hardness, thickness, backing as well as color options. This ensures that you get the perfect product to suit your needs.

Silicone offers great durability as well as resistance properties while also being incredibly non-toxic and pure. It also has excellent electrical insulation and good release properties. These qualities make our solid silicone sheets the obvious choice for use in sensitive applications.

Aside from being non-toxic and non-transferring our solid silicone sheets also feature a broad temperature range. Unlike PVC, silicone is able to maintain its useful properties in sub-zero temperatures.

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There are also some common examples of the use of rollers in daily life. For example, the sticky roller used at home is actually a very simple roller. Its central axis is made of metal, and the upper part has...
How about Irene's silicone plate?
Silicone rubber sheet. Silicone rubber sheet (SI) is a synthetic elastomer made of a mixture of silicon, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The material has excellent flexibility in a wide temperature range (-60°C to 200°C), has high release properties, and performs...
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When it comes to finding the right thermal transfer hot stamping silicone wheel for your needs, there is no better choice than China. With a variety of options to choose from, you can find the perfect silicone wheel for your specific needs...
Tips for using and maintaining rubber rollers
1. Excessive pressure between the rubber rollers will increase the friction between the rubber rollers, heating the rubber rollers, increase the squeezing and expansion between the rubber rollers, accelerate the aging and deformation of the rubber rollers, accelerate the emulsification...
High tearing-resistance vacuum bags for laminated glass to make the glass stronger
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In the industrial field, silica gel sheet is made of silica gel as the main raw material to make rubber sheet, and then the later use shape is determined by the difference of the use environment. For example, in the...
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