Hot pressed silicone sheet

Curved graphic hot stamping board

Hot stamping silicone plate uses silicone plate as a heat carrier to transfer exquisite patterns to the product.



10-20 OR MORE


Price:70, 62,70


Quantity (less than or equal to) Pieces:300


Monthly supply quantity Piece/Pieces:1000


RTS related​







1.Fast delivery

2.good quality

3.New product

4.Accept unique design or logo

5.Competitive price

6.Environmentally friendly products

7.Various designs

8.Accept small orders

Hot stamping board high temperature sticker suppliers
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Analysis of Thermal transfer silicone wheel made in China
What is a thermal transfer silicone wheel? This stuff is mostly transferred to plastic or film by hot stamping technology awards. The appearance of this product in the photo frame machinery industry must be reasonable. Today, let us briefly introduce...
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Customized silicone rubber rollers, high-quality products exclusive to customers
In industrial production, in order to be able to create more suitable products for customers and enhance their competitiveness in the market, they will customize the product requirements proposed by customers. In this way, the products produced have certain characteristics...
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Glass Silicone Vacuum Bag For EVA Laminating Furnace Oven to create stronger glass products
Among common glass products, simple veneer glass is integrally formed, and it is itself a fragile product. However, the tempered glass or composite laminated glass that is produced now uses the characteristics of the added items to increase the use...
Introducing High tearing-resistance vacuum bags for laminated glass
Silicone bags are also known as vacuum bags. Made of silicone rubber material, it is very important glass lamination that helps to draw out the air between the glass and the EVA film. It has high heat and tear resistance....
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How about Irene's silicone plate?
Silicone rubber sheet. Silicone rubber sheet (SI) is a synthetic elastomer made of a mixture of silicon, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The material has excellent flexibility in a wide temperature range (-60°C to 200°C), has high release properties, and performs...
What are the advantages of silicone rollers?
Silicone rollers have the characteristics of high resilience, high temperature resistance and wear resistance. They are made of liquid silicon material; low hardness, good flexibility, non-toxic, rust-proof, small compression deformation, long service life; good wear resistance, not easy to age,...
Take you to understand Hot stamping board high temperature sticker
What is a Hot stamping board high temperature sticker Hot stamping is a versatile, precise and efficient method of printing on surfaces, often used to personalize or decorate products. Sometimes called hot stamping or hot stamping, hot stamping creates a...
Silicone vacuum bag for glass laminating furnace escorts glass production
In the past, the windows in the house were all made of paper, so the cost was low and the visibility was also low. Moreover, the thermal insulation is not good. With the continuous development of technology, glass has begun...
Bronzing silicone raw materials suppliers
How to wrap rubber on the rubber roller
Rubber rollers are used for fabric heat setting, plastic heat setting, embossing and calendering, and fixing of copiers. The forming rubber roller is wrapped and formed by a film. Due to its low strength, it must be handled carefully. The...
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High tearing-resistance vacuum bags for laminated glass to make the glass stronger
In the public’s perception, the existence of glass is transparent, but there is also a certain degree of danger. However, the danger of modern glass is taken into account during the production process, so the use of advanced manufacturing technology...
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