Hot pressed silicone sheet

Curved graphic hot stamping board

Hot stamping silicone plate uses silicone plate as a heat carrier to transfer exquisite patterns to the product.



10-20 OR MORE


Price:70, 62,70


Quantity (less than or equal to) Pieces:300


Monthly supply quantity Piece/Pieces:1000


RTS related​







1.Fast delivery

2.good quality

3.New product

4.Accept unique design or logo

5.Competitive price

6.Environmentally friendly products

7.Various designs

8.Accept small orders

Hot stamping board high temperature sticker suppliers
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The main function of the thermal transfer hot stamping silicone wheel is to perform hot stamping or transfer patterns on various plastics, or metals, book edges, etc. His working principle is to first print these patterns on the silicone wheel...
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Easily create your own custom designs with a choice of graphic hot stamping silicone plate
Graphical hot stamping is a great option if you are looking for a high-quality durable silicone sheet for your next project. This process involves printing your design onto a piece of silicone, which is then transferred to your substrate. This...
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When it comes to finding the right thermal transfer hot stamping silicone wheel for your needs, there is no better choice than China. With a variety of options to choose from, you can find the perfect silicone wheel for your specific needs...
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Thermal transfer is a new printing process emerging in modern technology, and this process has just become popular abroad, and it has been more than ten years since it entered my country. The printed patterns are rich in layers and...
What are the advantages of silicone rollers?
Silicone rollers have the characteristics of high resilience, high temperature resistance and wear resistance. They are made of liquid silicon material; low hardness, good flexibility, non-toxic, rust-proof, small compression deformation, long service life; good wear resistance, not easy to age,...
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Durability of Glass Silicone Vacuum Bag For EVA Laminating Furnace Oven
This vacuum bag is made of silicone and glass cloth. Suitable for EVA compound furnace oven. The bag has a good heat resistance and vacuum performance. It's easy to use and durable. This Glass Silicone Vacuum Bag For EVA Laminating...
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