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We manufacture Heat Transfer Silicone Rubber Roller. This product is accurately designed and fabricated using quality assured raw material under the direction of skilled professionals in order to follow strict business quality standards. It is fit to be used in: Plastic industries, Paper, Automotive industries, Paint Pail Bucket, Cosmetic industries, Bottle Caps Liquor printing industries.

Hot stamping silicone plate uses silicone plate as a heat carrier to transfer exquisite patterns to the product. Requirements for silica gel board: high temperature resistance 350~400℃, hardness requirements can be determined according to customer's printing pattern requirements. Generally, the hardness varies from 40A°, 50A°, 60A°, 70A°, 80A°.

Our company specially made curved hot stamping silicone to solve the problem of customer surface hot stamping Version, this item is in the world's leading position regardless of technology, speed, and difficulty. Only the customer needs to mention The three-dimensional drawings of the products and the plastic parts of the products can be shipped quickly.

1. Open an aluminum mold, iron mold or copper mold, the one that can be closed up and down, like a box, clean the mold first.

2. Apply a layer of release agent to the inside of the entire mold (the release agent can be petroleum jelly or detergent) and then perform the following operations after it dries.

3. Fill the bottom of the mold with an aluminum plate (the top aluminum plate is best to be punched with small holes to enhance the adhesion between the silica gel and the aluminum plate), put the aluminum plate in place, and clean the aluminum plate and apply the adhesive on the aluminum plate. There can be multiple filled aluminum plates, and the top one is really effective. (The purpose of filling multiple aluminum plates is to adjust the thickness of the pressed silicone plate and put the hot stamping silicone and aluminum plate together)
Note: Brushing with thinner on the top aluminum plate will also help increase the adhesion between the silicone and the aluminum plate.

4. Cut the silica gel. The silica gel plate is preferably 1 cm smaller than the aluminum plate around it, because during the pressing process, the silica gel will extend around it. Then slowly spread the silicone plate from one end to the aluminum plate, and then use a wooden stick to roll the silicone plate from one end to the other. The purpose of this is to drive the air out. In this way, there is no air and no air bubbles between the pressed silica gel and the aluminum plate, and the bonding effect will be better. Take the aluminum box to the compression molding machine and press it.

5. Under the pressure of 10 tons and the temperature of 150-250, pull out the mold after 1 hour, after cooling, take out the bronzing plate. (Special note: The pattern on the silicone plate can be engraved on the lid when the mold is made. This must be suitable for mass production, otherwise the mold will be wasted due to the pattern. At the same time, the mold does not need to engrave the pattern and press A good aluminum plate can be taken to the engraving machine to engrave the pattern.)

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