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Glass Silicone Vacuum Bag For EVA Laminating Furnace Oven to create stronger glass products

Glass Silicone Vacuum Bag For EVA Laminating Furnace Oven

Among common glass products, simple veneer glass is integrally formed, and it is itself a fragile product. However, the tempered glass or composite laminated glass that is produced now uses the characteristics of the added items to increase the use characteristics of the glass itself. The Glass Silicone Vacuum Bag For EVA Laminating Furnace Oven furnace uses vacuum technology to use EVA resin material to increase the viscosity between the glass, thereby enhancing the strength of the glass.

EVA is the abbreviation for ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. It is a resin material, but a new vinyl acetate monomer is introduced into the molecular chain, so the high crystallinity is reduced, flexibility and impact resistance, as well as filler compatibility and heat sealing performance have been improved. Therefore, the scope of application is very wide now, and it is covered in almost every field. The role played in the process of making glass is a film, which is a colloid that glues two pieces of flat glass together.

Glass Silicone Vacuum Bag For EVA Laminating Furnace Oven

In the EVA composite furnace, the colloid is melted at high temperature, and the glass is firmly stuck together under the condition of full contact. The use of silicone vacuum bag is the molding environment created in the glass manufacturing process, which can ensure the glass After being vacuum-formed, it is a very complete state, and the formed glass not only has the flexibility of EVA to resist general impacts, but also has the elasticity of silicone, so the glass can effectively withstand the impact of external forces. Part of the external force effectively prolongs the service life of the glass.

The development of technology is to create more valuable products. There fore, the Glass Silicone Vacuum Bag For EVA Laminating Furnace Oven furnace can create stronger glass products, whether it is used for home decoration or general glass art, while enhancing the artistry. There are new guarantees for product safety, and the transparent nature of glass itself is very attractive, so it will naturally be more popular with the public while improving basic performance.


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