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Industrial silicone rubber rollers bring more practical use value

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There are also some common examples of the use of rollers in daily life. For example, the sticky roller used at home is actually a very simple roller. Its central axis is made of metal, and the upper part has a certain degree of adhesion. The silica gel can stick dust on the surface by rolling during cleaning, and can be reused after washing with water. The structure of industrial silicone rubber rollers is the same as this roller, but their specific functions are still somewhat different.

In general, the silicone rubber rollers used in industry are mainly used as conveying devices. In other words, it can be a tool that drives the belt to rotate under the belt. The application in the printing industry is to transfer the printed products well. In the process of passing through the roller, the image can be transferred to the required material by means of thermal transfer. This is actually common in advertisements. The printing process of the picture we saw in the text.

Shaped Silicone Wheel suppliers
Therefore, the purpose of using silicone rubber rollers in industry is determined by the characteristics of silicone rubber. Because it has good high temperature resistance, it can be used at high temperatures of 200-300 degrees, and it has high wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance, and very good flexibility, which can meet certain pressure requirements to a certain extent. , The possibility of deformation under the condition of permanent compression is also very small, and the service life is long, which can greatly reduce the cost investment in the industrial processing process. It is not easy to age, non-toxic and non-polluting. It can be said to be an ideal professional tool in the environmental production and printing process.

In the future, technological development will become the mainstream, and for products participating in industrial construction, it is necessary to continuously improve its own characteristics to be able to adapt to market changes. Therefore, the future market development of industrial silicone rubber rollers is still very good, because only at the forefront of technology can the competitiveness of products be improved.

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