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What are the reasons for determining the price of silicone products?

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Silicone products are more and more widely used, because different products have different requirements for silicone, so we will think of making customized parts at this time. But when looking for manufacturers to customize, we will make comparisons, and each manufacturer’s quotation is different. What determines the price of silicone products? There are four main reasons:

The first is the cost of product mold production. The customer provides samples or CAD drawings, and then calculates the mold price and the number of mold holes;

The second is the cost of raw materials, the raw materials used are different, of course, the price is different, and the quality is also very different;

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The third is the quantity of products. If the quantity is small, the cost will be higher and the price will be higher; if the quantity is large, the price will be relatively small.

The fourth is the complexity of the product. Generally speaking, the higher the complexity, the more labor, the more processing procedures, the higher the technical content, the longer the production time, and the higher the cost.
Therefore, when looking for a custom manufacturer, we must first understand the required grade of the product we need, and then choose a suitable manufacturer. Irene can customize all kinds of bronzing plates, silicone sheets, silicone plates, etc., if you need, please contact us.

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