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Laminated Glass Machine Silicone Bag product

Short Description:

Silicone vacuum bags are specialized tools designed for various industrial applications, especially in composite manufacturing and resin infusion processes.


The glass vacuum lamination furnace adopts the vacuum principle to heat the glass under vacuum conditions, and uses atmospheric pressure to pressurize the glass in the vacuum bag to remove air so that it cannot produce air bubbles. The vacuum bag is heated while being vacuumed. , a special equipment that heats two or several pieces of glass and EVA (or other films) together. The vacuum bag is the core component of the glass vacuum laminating furnace. It is composed of upper and lower silica gel plates and special-shaped silicone seals. The silica gel plate is a key component of the entire laminated furnace, and its quality directly affects The quality of the glass.


Place of Origin China
Brand Name AILIN
Material Silicone Vacuum
Model Number 16
Industrial Use machine
Supply Ability 100000 Piece/Pieces per Month


Min. order: 10

Customized packaging
Min. order: 10

Graphic customization
Min. order: 10


High temperature resistance 0-250℃, excellent high elasticity, corrosion resistance, high tear resistance, puncture resistance, long service life


Applicable machine
Glass laminating machine, glass tempering furnace, glass vacuum tempering furnace, etc.


Why Choose Silicone Vacuum Bags

These durable bags are heat-resistant and capable of withstanding high-temperature processes, making them ideal for applications like autoclave curing and resin infusion. Their flexibility allows them to conform seamlessly to the shape of materials being processed, ensuring uniform pressure distribution and preventing wrinkles or air bubbles. Silicone vacuum bags are reusable, translating to significant cost savings over disposable alternatives. They exhibit resistance to chemicals and solvents, making them compatible with various composite materials. Their easy maintenance, customizability, and versatility across industries make them a preferred choice for consistent, high-quality results.


High-quality silicone vacuum bags for composites


Custom-sized silicone vacuum bags for aerospace

Vacuum bagging process with silicone materials

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