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Thermal transfer hot stamping silicone wheels convey beauty with advanced printing technology

china Silicone wheels

Thermal transfer is a new printing process emerging in modern technology, and this process has just become popular abroad, and it has been more than ten years since it entered my country. The printed patterns are rich in layers and high in reduction. The color itself is bright, and it realizes the beauty that leaps out of paper. The thermal transfer hot stamping silicone wheel is the medium to realize the thermal transfer technology. The pattern that needs to be transferred is transferred to the surface of the product through the silicone wheel. After molding, the pattern and the product surface are integrated, which is more beautiful and generous.

china Shaped Silicone Wheel
The thermal transfer hot stamping silicone wheel can be hot stamped on a large area of ​​hot stamping paper or Las film, and transfer these materials to the required plastic or film. Its main feature is high temperature resistance, which can be 300-400 Realize the transfer technology in a high-degree environment.
A more practical and popular way to understand thermal transfer is to use the high temperature effect to directly print the prepared product promotional patterns on the product by borrowing the medium. The printed effect is like it was directly produced during the production of the outer packaging, and it is not obvious that it was printed later. At the same time, there will be no peculiar smell in this printing method, and it will not be easily washed off. It is the same on the outer packaging of the product.

china Silicone wheels

china Silicone wheels

It is mainly applied to some plastic products or wood products and daily necessities. Through this special printing method, the integration of patterns and products can be realized. A simple example is on our electrical panels. People always I'm curious about how the above pattern or the exquisite picture is uploaded. He did not make a mold during production, but printed it by thermal transfer, but the effect was as if it existed on the surface of the electrical panel itself. Same. This is his magic.
With the continuous development of industrial technology, the frequency of use of this thermal transfer technology in the market is gradually increasing, which greatly improves the style of the entire product.

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