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buy china Positive and negative pressure machine silicone plate

Silicone rubber sheet.
Silicone rubber sheet (SI) is a synthetic elastomer made of a mixture of silicon, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The material has excellent flexibility in a wide temperature range (-60°C to 200°C), has high release properties, and performs well when exposed to ozone, weathering, and ultraviolet light. It has good compression set, high moisture resistance, and excellent electrical insulator. The elastomer also has biocompatibility, but is not suitable for use with acids, ketones or petrochemical products, and has poor wear resistance and tear resistance.

Due to the above characteristics, the application range of silicone rubber sheet is very wide. It is usually made into gaskets used in high temperature environments or used to make seals for electrical enclosures. This elastomer can also be used as a lining for prostheses. Because of its inertness and compliance with FDA food contact regulations, it has become a popular choice in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.



china Positive and negative pressure machine silicone plate


Characteristics of silicone rubber sheet.
Shore hardness: 60°±5° (standard).
Temperature: Temperature: Temperature:
-90°C to 200°C (white), -60°C to 225°C (translucent and blue)
Excellent resistance to low temperature and high temperature.
Exhibits high electrical insulation properties.
Excellent demoulding performance.
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