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Hot stamping silicone rubber plate with pattern

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Hot stamping silicone rubber plate with pattern
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name Ailin
Model Number 6
Product Name silicone plate
Color Orange-red
Type Hot Press Pad
Shore hardness (A) 30-90A
Heat resistance 200-300
service life 100,000 times

Hot Stamping Silicone Rubber Sheet

We also manufacture Silicone Rubber Sheet which is fit to be used in Printing and decorating on Plastic and paper printing. Silicone sheets are metal bonded and available with various rubber compounds prepared to withstand temperature upto 350 C. Sheets available in 3D form for uneven surface/parts.

Features :

Light weight, Easy to use, Premium quality

What is a hot stamping silicone rubber plate with a pattern?

A hot stamping silicone rubber plate with a pattern is a specialized tool used in hot stamping or foil stamping processes. It typically features a pattern, design, or text engraved or etched onto a silicone rubber surface. This pattern is transferred onto a substrate using heat and pressure, creating a decorative or branding element on various materials.


How to choose silicone hot stamping plate:

Nowadays,the hardness of silicone hot stamping printed are more than 60 , mostly are round 80. If the hardness is too low, the silicone strip will deformation under high temperature and high pressure , stamping result is not satisfactory . Resilience will not good if the hardness is too high, and the edge of silicone products will extension and Cementation is not strong .Maybe the products will appear burr.

Grass roots of silicone hot stamping should be 3mm aluminum plate , in order to make sure the Bond Strength and the service life in high temperature and high pressure.


What is the purpose of a hot stamping silicone rubber plate with a pattern?

A2: The primary purpose of such a plate is to transfer a specific pattern, design, or branding onto a substrate (such as paper, cardboard, plastic, or leather) during the hot stamping process. It is widely used for adding decorative elements, logos, or text to a variety of products, including packaging, labels, promotional items, and more.


Where can one source or purchase hot stamping silicone rubber plates with patterns?

A10: Hot stamping plates can be sourced from manufacturers, suppliers, or distributors of hot stamping equipment and accessories. Custom plates can often be ordered to meet specific design requirements.

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