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black silicone wheels

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black silicone wheels
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Cutting, Moulding
Heat resistance
Shore hardness (A)


Product data:
1. Hardness: 40º, 50º, 60º, 70º, 80º, 90º (40º—90º degrees);
2. Specifications:
Inner diameter ¢38mm*outer diameter 100mm*length 300mm
Inner diameter ¢38mm*outer diameter 100mm*length 400mm;
Inner diameter ¢38mm*outer diameter 100mm*length 600mm
Inner diameter ¢38mm*outer diameter 125mm*length 300mm
Inner diameter ¢38mm*outer diameter 125mm*length 400mm;
Inner diameter ¢38mm*outer diameter 125mm*length 600mm
Note: other sizes can also be customized


What are silicone wheels used for?

Silicone wheels are versatile components used in various applications. They are commonly employed in industrial machinery, robotics, conveyor systems, printing presses, and other equipment to facilitate movement, reduce friction, and provide traction.

 What are the advantages of using silicone wheels?

Some advantages of silicone wheels include excellent grip, resistance to extreme temperatures (both high and low), durability, and resistance to chemicals and UV radiation. They are also known for their non-marking properties and low noise during operation.

 Are silicone wheels suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, silicone wheels can be used outdoors. They are known for their resistance to weather conditions and UV exposure, making them suitable for outdoor applications such as carts, trolleys, and some types of vehicles.

Can silicone wheels support heavy loads?

Yes, silicone wheels come in various load-bearing capacities, and some models are designed to support heavy loads. The load capacity of a silicone wheel depends on factors like its size, material composition, and design.

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