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Recognition and recommendation

Guangzhou Ailin Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company mainly deals in the following five types of products:

1. Hot stamping heat transfer silicone plate, silicone roller, silicone wheel;

2. Silicone sheet use for vacuum press machine or positive and negative vacuum press machine;

3. Solar silicone laminated plate;

4. Silicone buffer Cushion plate use for vacuum press machine;

5. Silicone sealing strip;

There are: silicone raw materials and supporting consumables (adhesive, glue), silicone skin for wooden door vacuum laminating machine plastic machine, special silicone skin for wood grain transfer machine for steel and wooden doors, silicone elastic cloth, vacuum bag for glass strengthening furnace (silicone Leather), solar laminator silicone plate, card making and circuit board and other lamination equipment silicone cushion.

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