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Silica gel bag for 3mm vacuum strengthening furnace

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Silica gel bag for 3mm vacuum strengthening furnace
Tensile strength (Mpa): 6.5
Tear strength (N/mn): 26
Hardness (Shore A): 50±5°
Elongation at break (%): 450
Color: white, blue, green

What are the benefits of using a vacuum strengthening furnace?

Vacuum strengthening furnaces offer several advantages, including:
Precise control over temperature and atmosphere.
Minimization of surface reactions and oxidation due to the absence of air.
Improved material properties such as hardness, strength, and ductility.
Reduction in distortion and warping of materials.
Enhanced uniformity of heat treatment throughout the material.

What are some common applications of vacuum strengthening furnaces?

Vacuum strengthening furnaces find applications in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, tool manufacturing, and medical device production. They are used for processes such as solution annealing, brazing, and sintering.

How does a vacuum strengthening furnace work?

The furnace creates a vacuum by removing air and other gases from its chamber, typically through a vacuum pump. Once the desired vacuum level is achieved, the material to be heat-treated is placed inside the furnace. Heating elements inside the furnace then raise the temperature to the required level, and the material is held at that temperature for a specified time. After the heat treatment, the material is cooled down gradually while maintaining the vacuum.


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