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hot press gilding press silicon sheet

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hot press gilding press silicon sheet
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name AILIN
Product Name hot stamping silicone plate
Size 300*600mm, etc
Usage For hot stamping
Silicone thickness 3mm
Aluminum plate thickness 2mm
High-temperature resistance 250~350℃
Est.Time(days) 5-7 Negotiable
Color red or white
Hardness 25-95 Shore A
material quality silica gel

Production advantages

Good thermal conductivity;
The silicone rubber layer is available in various hardnesses;
Various thicknesses of silicone rubber layers are available;
The unique vulcanization process ensures a long service life;
High-strength splicing and strong bonding ability;
Aluminum bases of various thicknesses are available;
Easy to deform and rebound with good elasticity;
Good flatness and uniform pressure.

Where to start when you need high temperature silicone sheets?

When in need of high-temperature silicone sheets, start by identifying your specific requirements, such as temperature resistance and dimensions. Research reputable suppliers, review product specifications, and request samples if possible. Compare prices, check for certifications, and consider customization. Assess supplier reputation, inquire about lead times and support services, and place your order based on negotiations. Upon receipt, monitor the quality closely to ensure it meets your expectations, and maintain a good working relationship with your supplier for future needs.

why you decided to use our silicon sheet

We chose to utilize your silicon sheet due to its exceptional quality and versatility. Your silicon sheet offers a perfect blend of high-temperature resistance, durability, and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for our application. Its ability to maintain integrity under extreme conditions ensures the longevity of our products. Furthermore, the consistent performance of your silicon sheet aligns seamlessly with our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions to our customers. The trust we place in your silicon sheet reflects our dedication to excellence and innovation in our industry. It’s the foundation upon which we build reliability, and we’re confident that your product will continue to meet our stringent standards.

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