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What are the main properties of the silicone rubber roller for lamination?

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The bearing of the silicone rubber roller for lamination is mainly made of metal or other materials, and the surface of the bearing is covered with rubber made of vulcanization. Due to the special properties of silicone rubber, it is used in various fields. In the process of use The requirements for lamination can be achieved in a high temperature environment, or the lamination and rapid curing can be achieved in a low temperature state.
So what are the main properties of the silicone rubber roller for lamination?
1. High temperature stability
This is the main characteristic of silicone rubber silicon, because in most use environments, the silicone rubber roller is used for transfer printing or general use functionality by means of high temperature, and at the same time, it can maintain a constant temperature under the environment of 200 degrees Celsius. Very good flexibility properties.


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2. Low temperature use
The advantage of the silicone rubber roller is that it can show its functionality as the temperature changes. For example, its low temperature resistance can maintain its original resilience even at about minus 70 degrees without mechanical changes. , so it is widely used in the field of aerospace. The silicone rubber roller for lamination is to form a protective film on the surface of other products under the condition of low temperature, which can effectively protect the product, reduce contact with the outside world, and ensure the safety during transportation.
3. Weather resistance
The so-called weather resistance mainly means that in the daily environment, because of its own chemical properties, the silicone rubber roller can well withstand the intrusion of wind and sun, and maintain the original chemical characteristics and appearance.


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4. Good electrical performance
Silicone rubber rollers have very good insulating properties and corona resistance, so they are widely used in the electrical field.
5. Oil resistance and chemical resistance
In the process of using the silicone rubber roller, the molecular structure is compact, so the hardness will not become soft and deformed or other changes will occur due to the erosion of oil stains or other chemical agents. The original characteristics can be maintained in a certain environment.
6. Better air permeability
Compared with ordinary rubber, the silicone rubber roller used for lamination has a very good air permeability during use, and will not affect the quality of the internal products.

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