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What are the characteristics of thermal transfer hot stamping silicone wheels and what fields are they suitable for?

The main function of the thermal transfer hot stamping silicone wheel is to perform hot stamping or transfer patterns on various plastics, or metals, book edges, etc. His working principle is to first print these patterns on the silicone wheel by heating the equipment, and then transfer them to other materials, which can better achieve large-scale hot and ensure the use effect.
So what are the characteristics of thermal transfer hot stamping silicone wheels?


1. Good elasticity
The main feature of the silicone wheel is that it has good elasticity, can directly fit with the material, and can eliminate gaps in the process of use, so that the entire pattern is more smooth during the printing process, not because the hardness is too high resulting in a breakpoint.
2. High tear resistance
The equipment needs to be mechanically operated in the process of use, and the corresponding width or temperature range of use needs to be adjusted according to the proportion of the target material. Therefore, the silicone material itself needs to have a certain tear resistance. Only by ensuring its own integrity can it ensure the integrity of the product and a long service life during use.


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3. High temperature resistance
Since it is a thermal transfer hot stamping silicone wheel, it means that in the process of work, it mainly depends on the effect of temperature. When the temperature is high, the pattern that needs to be transferred is melted onto the silicone wheel, and then transferred to the target material, so that the printed pattern looks like it was originally on the material, and it will not be seen as printed. from.
4. Not easy to deform
This feature is basically the same as tear resistance. The purpose is to ensure the original state during use and ensure that the pattern will not be damaged during the transfer process.
For the use of thermal transfer hot stamping silicone wheels, the generally applicable fields include plastic products, wood products, and daily necessities. You can see that the patterns of many products have no traces of stickers, and the original materials have been glued together. , so this itself is the effect presented by thermal transfer technology.

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