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Thermal transfer high temperature hot stamping aluminum core rubber wheel

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Thermal transfer high temperature hot stamping aluminum core rubber wheel
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name Ailin
Model Number 1
Place of Origin Jiangsu, China
Brand Name AILIN
Product Name High Temperature Stamping Silicone Heat Transfer Rubber R
roller Raw Material USA,Japan silicone
Application heat transfer machine
Inner diameter 20/30/38/mm, etc
Outer diameter 100/130/200 mm, etc
Length 10 – 200 mm, etc.
Hardness 30—90 Shore A
Feature Good elasticity, wear resistant, oil resistant, etc.
Supply Ability 100000 Piece/Pieces per Month



Thermal transfer high temperature hot stamping aluminum core rubber wheel

hot stamping aluminum core rubber wheel


Silicone rubber roller and plate are both important accessories of heat transfer machines, their quality directly affects the beauty and cost of hot stamping products.

Function: Silicone rubber roller and plate are widely used for stationery, electrical appliances and toys, also used for the industry of cosmetic package, glasses and cups, even wooden industrial of photo frame and building materials etc.
For use in thermal transfer, transfer of products suitable for large area foil, thermal transfer film transfer process.
Made of high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, silica gel plate and the plane has a similar composition.

In the concept. Bronzing process and thermal transfer process, hot stamping machines and heat transfer machine with a significant difference, but in practice, it is called, and does not use a strict distinction.

Conceptual bronzing machine is the use of flat crush flattening round of peace process manufacturing machinery; heat transfer machine is the use of rotary and round flattening the machine manufacturing process. Installation of metal hot plate stamping machine, heat transfer machines installed silicone roller. Bronzing process refers to the surface of gold and silver in the product technology transfer; thermal transfer refers to the intaglio surface of the product image transfer process.

In fact, gold foil stamping machine can process, heat transfer can also take film transfer; heat transfer machine can hot stamping process, of course, spend more suitable for thermal transfer film technology.

According to the diagram or sample custom processing thermal transfer roll, thermal transfer rubber tire, hot rollers, hot wheels, thermal transfer silicone wheels, silicone roll, the core drum roll .

Welcome to the new and old customers to order a long-term fix silicone rubber coating wrapped as sample processing rollers.

According to customers to sample or to map processing, the normal duration of 7 days 10 days

Dear, as long as the roller drawings, technical parameters, show us, we can for you to make the same rubber rollers. No matter
what kind of hardness, materials, specifications, and accuracy, we can do it.

Price for reference only, based on the price of our main products to account for how much material you send us the information, we
will offer you the first time. Our prices are tax, excluding freight.

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