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Glass Silicone Vacuum Bag For EVA Laminating Furnace Oven

Silicone vacuum bag is a long-life and reusable product. It is made of high-quality silicone rubber sheets for laminated glass, so it is also called silicone rubber vacuum bag or silicone vacuum sealed bag. It is very important in glass lamination. It is very important to use a vacuum machine to suck the air between the EVA film and the glass. Make sure there is no air in the bag. Can prevent chewing gum from splashing on the machine. High-quality silicone vacuum bags can effectively reduce the waste of unqualified products.

Grinding Shaped Silicone Wheel

Sillicone rubber roller and plate are both important accessories of the heat transfer machines,their quality directly affects the beauty and cost of the hot stamping products. Function: Silicone rubber roller and plate are largely used for stationery, electric appliance and toys, also used for the industry of the cosmetic package, glasses and cups, even wooden industrial of photo frame and building materials etc.

High tearing-resistance vacuum bags for laminated glass

This silicone rubber plate is designed and produced for vacuum press machine, it is important for the vacuum machine to make a good laminating effect and reduce the cost of film. Our silicone rubber plate is the most ideal elastic sheet, it adopts Germany raw material, Coupled with superb production technology and advanced technology and equipment, so it is high temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, toughness, high elasticity, non-polluting, non-toxic, tasteless, and inert non-stick surface material.