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Bronzing silicone raw materials

Bronzing silicone raw materials used for stationery, electric appliance and toys, also used for the industry of the cosmetic package, glasses and cups, even wooden industrial of photo frame and building materials etc.

Card type hot stamping silicone plate

Card type hot stamping silicone sheet is mainly used in plastic toys, craft gifts, hardware and electronics, product special printing industry for high temperature resistance, new heat transfer materials, special high temperature products, hot stamping boards, hot stamping silicone rollers, heat transfer, etc.

Curved graphic hot stamping board

Hot stamping silicone plate uses silicone plate as a heat carrier to transfer exquisite patterns to the product.

Hot stamping board high temperature glue

Hot stamping board high temperature glue is used to paste silica gel raw materials and metal. When it is used, it must be hot pressed at high temperature to connect and form.

Hot stamping board high temperature sticker

This is an auxiliary material for the bonding of the gilded silicone board to the equipment. High temperature adhesive paper is used to receive high temperature metal plate (aluminum, iron, copper) and metal plate adhesion, high temperature resistance will not fall off.