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Thermal transfer silicone wheel

china Silicone wheels

The thermal transfer silicon wheel is used for hot stamping of various plastics, metals, book edges, etc. Or transfer patterns. The silicon prescription is different, the material is resistant to high temperature (300℃-400℃), and has a long life (normal use can reach more than 100,000 times). The hardness can be made according to customer requirements of 25-90 Shore a degrees. It can be made of all silicone or packaged on a metal shaft. The colors are generally orange and white, but other colors can also be deployed.

china Shaped Silicone Wheel
Silicon has good elasticity, high tear resistance, high temperature resistance, easy grinding, long life, and non-deformation. It is used for large-area flat heating or circular heating.
Applicable machinery: cast film laminating machine, hot and cold film laminating machine, garment bonding machine | corona treatment machine, hot stamping machine, heat transfer machine, coating machine, plastic printing machine, frame edge machine, wood floor hot press , Large area hot stamping machine, film pressing, hot stamping edge machine, hot pressing edge machine and other related equipment.

Silicone wheels factory
Applicable fields: plastic products, wood products, daily necessities, photo frames, wood threads, PS lines, electrical panels, paper and other thermal transfer hot stamping patterns, edges, etc., high temperature resistance, can also be used in other industries with high temperature resistance product.

china Silicone wheels

china Silicone wheels

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