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Precautions for the use of rubber wheels

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1. Movement and handling of rubber rollers
When transporting rubber rollers, it is recommended to use a sturdy wooden box.
When lifting the rubber roller, hang the rope on the rubber roller shaft or use a pair of wide belts to hang it in the center of the rubber roller. Avoid lifting the rubber roller surface with chains or steel cables. In order to avoid damaging the shaft surface, it is best to protect the shaft during operation.
It should also be noted that the oil droplets scattered from the lifting device reach the surface of the rubber roller. If oil drips on the surface of the rubber roller, wipe it off quickly.
2. Precautions when storing rubber rollers
When storing the rubber roller, the shaft must support or stand,
The storage location of the rubber roller, cold and dark place, away from direct sunlight, is the most suitable. However, it should be kept away from electrical equipment (motors, disinfection lamps, etc.) that generate ozone.
It is recommended to regrind the rubber rollers stored for more than 6 months. Or wrap the surface of the rubber roller with paper during storage to reduce surface acidification and cracking. To avoid bending of the heavy soft rubber roller, the rubber roller should be rotated regularly.

china Iron core silicone wheel

china Iron core silicone wheel

3. Precautions for the use of rubber rollers
A. Pressure and speed
The load-bearing capacity of the rubber roller depends on the speed of the rubber roller, the type of rubber material, rubber hardness, rubber thickness, temperature conditions, iron core structure, used drugs, etc. Generally speaking, the maximum linear pressure is 100kgfcm
According to operating conditions, it can be designed to exceed the above-mentioned carrying capacity.
For rubber rollers used under either or both conditions of high load and high speed operation, the problem of delayed heating caused by the roll gap. The iron core structure is designed as a cold water cooling type, which is safe and reliable, making the rubber roller durable.

China Aluminum core silicone wheel
b. temperature
Avoid sharp heating when heating the rubber roller.
The heat-resistant temperature of various rubber materials is shown in the rubber material characteristics table. When using materials with poor heat resistance of the adhesive wire, it must be cooled from the inside of the rubber roller core.
c. Chemicals
See the rubber material characteristics table for the durability of various rubber materials against chemicals. For problems in use, please provide medicinal products, and our company will select suitable materials for you.
d. Mechanical factors
The wear of shafts, bearings and gears, partial loads and mechanical vibration will cause abnormal wear on the surface of the rubber rollers, resulting in a reduction in the service life of the rubber rollers. Also pay attention to unbalanced rubber rollers or deflected rubber rollers.

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