Hot pressed silicone rubber sheet

Hot pressed silicone rubber sheet is derived from latex liquid from rubber trees. The rubber has excellent mechanical properties, a low compression set, and high resilience. It also has excellent dynamic and rebound properties.

It is available in a wide range of hardness from 30o to 90o shore A.
It has good resistance to acids, alkalis, and salts. Natural rubber is not recommended for use in areas where it could come in contact with oils and hydrocarbons.

Produced from coagulation of Liquid milk called latex derived from Rubber Plant along with some chemical like ammonium alginate. Natural Rubber is derived from Rubber Plant cultivated in the Southern region of India, especially at Kottayam (Kerala).

Natural rubber sheets are used as skit board sheets, bridge bearing pads shot blasting sheets, high tensile titanium sheets, commercial sheets with or without cotton/nylon insertion, etc.

NR Sheets are Abrasion-resistant that's the reason Automobile tires are namely composed of NR Polymer, which Can be made available in a variety of colors like Blue, Red, Black, etc. Natural Rubber Sheets offer good Physical & Mechanical properties like High Elongation, Tensile Strength, and Smooth & Glossy finish.


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